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About Us

Welcome to AveNew CashConnect, where we're reshaping the remittance landscape with a commitment to transparency, accessibility, and affordability.


In a world where nearly $700 Billion is sent annually by individuals in the US to support their loved ones in low- to middle-income countries, the impact of remittances on economic growth and poverty reduction is significant. However, with average fees exceeding 6%, and some banks charging as much as 12%, it's clear that developing countries are not getting the full benefit they deserve. The United Nations has recognized this issue and aims to reduce fees to 3% by 2030, saving remittance families a substantial $20 billion annually.


Why wait until 2030?


CashConnect offers you the solution today! Our revolutionary discount remittance platform ensures that you send money at a minimal 3% fee. No hidden costs, no delays – just a seamless, secure, and instant 24x7 delivery through the trusted networks of Mastercard or Visa.


At Cash Connect, we believe that financial support should not come at the expense of exorbitant fees. Join us in making a change today and experience the ease of sending money with a fully transparent pricing model.


About AveNew Solutions


AveNew is more than just CashConnect.


AveNew Solutions, LLC, is where innovation meets compassion. Our passion drives us to strengthen organizations, support communities, and inspire people through groundbreaking engagement and financial empowerment tools.


Central to our approach is Awespira, our private label advanced technology platform. Awespira serves as a comprehensive hub, offering education, inspiration, and activation, along with seamless access to a wealth of resources. From exclusive discounts on dining, travel, and attractions to supplemental benefits covering out-of-pocket expenses, Awespira supports physical, emotional, and financial wellness.


But it doesn't stop there – our platform includes engaging tools for mental well-being, financial education, credit-building programs, and affordable foreign remittance options. Through Awespira, we foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie, encouraging individuals to support and motivate each other, forming stronger connections within the organization or community.


Join AveNew on this transformative journey towards building a healthier, happier, and more prosperous community. Together, with the power of Awespira, we can educate, inspire, and engage your people, creating a future where physical, emotional, and financial wellness converge, propelling individuals and organizations towards unprecedented heights. At AveNew, we believe in a future where financial support is accessible, transparent, and beneficial for all.

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