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America's money transfer platform.

Reduces fees when sending money back home by an average of more than 50%. TODAY.

Fueling Prosperity, Connecting Hearts.

Empowering Economic Development Through Fair & Affordable Remittances.

3% fee or less.

Easy, secure & instant.*

24x7 delivery - NO holds.

Fully transparent pricing.

Sent via Visa + Mastercard networks.


Global Remittance

Nearly $700 Billion a year* is transferred by individuals in the US to family and friends back home. For low- to middle-income countries, remittances generate economic growth and reduce poverty. 


But with average fees of 6.2% – with banks charging as much as 12%** – developing countries are being shortchanged.


That’s why the United Nations has called for fees of 3% by 2030.

According to the UN, reducing average global transfer fees to 3% globally would save remittance families $20 billion annually.***

Why wait?

AveNew with CashConnect meets the goal TODAY!


**World Bank, 2020.

***, SDG 10.

Global Remittance
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America's money platform

  • 3% fee (or less).

  • Easy, secure, and instant.*

  • 24x7 delivery – no holds.

  • Fully transparent pricing.

  • Sent via secure Mastercard or Visa networks.

3% Flat Fee.
No Hidden Fees!

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  • Debit & Credit Cards

  • Bank Accounts

  • Cash Deposit at 68,000 U.S. Locations**


  • Debit & Credit Cards

  • Bank Accounts

  • Digital Wallets


CashConnect is currently available in 21 countries, with more being added every day!


In an effort to keep fees low - and your loved ones safe - currently your family & friends can only receive money digitally. We are continuing to work on solutions to help those without a bank at home!

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